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Chronic Kidney Disease - Is Berberine safe with CKD? Stage 3?


Realsis77 17 Sep 2017

Hi I have stage 4 C K D. This is a question I would run by your Kidney specialist. You can get a answer by phoning their office usually. I would not use it until I had the ok from my specialist. One thing I've learned since my diagnosis is how what we eat drink and take( as in medication) can drastically effect our kidney function. I was able to bring my gfr or (kidney function) up from 15 to 25 just from diet change alone! Now this also works the other way as well this is why we must be very careful what we put into our bodies. I hope this helps and best wishes. Always it is better to be safe and ask rather than suffer a drop in function and what goes along with that.

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