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Can Chlorzoxazone begiven to large dogs that have hip pain?


DzooBaby 9 May 2012

I wouldnt give it without talking to your veterinarian first. Many drugs taken by humans cant be processed by dogs. Most reasons for hip pain in large dogs is either a hip dysplasia or arthritis. For these conditions I doubt chlorzoxazone (a muscle relaxer) will help. These are inflammatory conditions. Aspirin is fairly safe for use in dogs. The buffered type is best. You can give 10-25mg for each 2.2lbs two or three times a day. This will help keep your dog comfortable until you can get him to the vet for something better.

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DzooBaby 9 May 2012

My recommedations for the aspirin come from my book "First Aid for Dogs and Cats" by the way.

DzooBaby 9 May 2012

We had an older large dog that had a lot of hip pain from arthritis and the vet gave him Rimadyl and Tramadol but I wouldnt recommend that you give those without the advise of your vet, but it was what I meant by getting him to the vet for something better.

kaismama 9 May 2012

I give my little dog canine aspirin for arthritis in his spine. Its beef flavored and chewable, and not real expensive. I would never give a human med to a dog without talking to my vet, some are harmful to dogs. There are also nsaids for dogs, they require a prescription from the vet.

Inactive 9 May 2012

Rimadyl is great for this condition, but you need to get it from the vet. My dog was hit by a car before we got her, & left in a cage for two months before whe was taken to the vet. They had to remove her femur head completely because it was crushed so bad. She actually 'dog tracks' when she walks because her bad leg is about 1 1/2 inches shorter than the other. This has caused a slight sublaxation in her other knee. Rimadyl has helped her with both problems greatly.

balbanese 9 May 2012

This is a question for your vet. This site is an awesome resource for information but I would not make this decision based on anything anyone says here about this. Hope this helps.

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