I've had hypothyroidism for years and have taken Levothyroxine. In November 2014, my blood work showed my level was 20 and out of the normal range, so my doctor changed my dosage from 112 to 137. I've been taking that for 6 weeks now, and for about the last 4 weeks, I've experienced nausea, a queasy stomach, and reduced appetite off and on. Could these symptoms be caused by the increase in my thyroid med? I'm glad it is not all of the time, but I'm also curious why it would fluctuate. For example, sometimes I'll feel nauseous at breakfast time but then pretty normal at lunch, or in the evening I'll feel queasy and not hungry for a couple of hours, but then at night I will feel a little hungry again. Maybe these symptoms fluctuate if the level of medication in my system fluctuates as well, being higher at some points during the day and lower as it comes closer to the time for me to take it again? Thanks for any help. I'm tired of feeling queasy and having a lack of appetite, and want to feel hungry and enjoy food again!