I've been on 10mg of Citolopram for 2 weeks. I was reluctant to take it as I don't consider myself depressed and I've hated it since the first day.

It makes me so tired I can't function and gives me terrible nightmares. I've always been a morning person and now I feel sick getting out of bed. Before taking it I was totally functional though apart from occasionally snapping at my parter or family members and lashing out when I felt down. This was a result of an upsetting experience I am starting counselling for next month.

I cannot keep taking this, I have a very busy job and my mind feels so foggy and my colleagues are questioning my lack of performance and constant yawning. I also have a 30 minute commute and struggle to focus when driving.

I can't get a drs appointment until Thursday but I don't want to have another restless night of nightmares and another crappy day. Will I get withdrawal off this low dose already?