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Can you mix morphine with hydrocodone or motrin 800?

6 Answers

Inactive 10 July 2010

Morphine and hydrocodone together will cause you to have shortness of breath. Since morphine does not have tylenol in it the motrin will be fine with it. The motrin and hydrocodone is really unnecessary because the hydrocodone already has tylenol in it. Not really good to put all three together again this is unnecessary one with the other should work just fine but you dont really need to put all of them together at once might cause some serious shortness of breath.

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htwooh 8 July 2010

Did the Dr. say to take them together? Otherwise, No.

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pfcpremosgirl 8 July 2010

I was informed not to mix opiates... so no mixing of morphine and hydrocodone. Depending on your particular situation, sometimes it is ok to mix an opiate with ibuprofen, but typically they recommend tylenol/acetaminophen. Just make sure to find out from a professional before doing any changes or additions to your medications. Best wishes, and God bless!

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Inactive 8 July 2010

You must to be X-tra careful Mixing these's I believe it should be monitored bt a Doctor, for staty sakes.

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christineATU 8 July 2010

Very caring of you Bucky!

christineATU 8 July 2010

Marjorie is right. Also remember that both hydrocodone and morphine are respiratory depressants. Good luck to you.

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marjorie zych 8 July 2010

Thanks chris. Oh ya I forgot to mention about the respiratory risks as well thanks again chris for mentioning that too. marjorie zych

christineATU 8 July 2010

I'm assuming the Morphine is time released and the hydro is for breakthrough pain? Also prescribed by the same doc. I agree with htwooh as well. I made some assumptions.

marjorie zych 7 July 2010

You can take the Morphine with the Motrin 800 but I would not take the Morphine and Hydrocodone together as it will make you very tired and possibly very weak. If you take the Morphine a couple of times a day and have breakthrough pain then you may be able to take the Hydrocodone in between but not at the same time. Do not drive or do anything dangerous like climbing or sign any legal documents while taking such heavy meds, the Motrin is o.k. though. Take care and hope you feel better soon, marjorie zych

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