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Can the nuvigil 250 or 350 mg be split in half to save money?


saw2112 29 Dec 2010

If you are asking if you can take a lower dose than the one you are prescribed and still get the same effectiveness, probably not, no. If you are asking if you can get a higher dose of Nuvigil and take only half of it at a time (so the dosage is the same as the one you were originally prescribed) then the answer is, it depends.

Physically, Nuvigil can be cut in half easily. The tablets split fairly easily with a pill-cutter and don't break appart into dust, the way some drugs do. Taking a half tablet doesn't seem to change the effectiveness, as long as the dose is the same. I take half a 150 tablet daily.

However, in order to get a higher dose of Nuvigil which you can cut, you'd have to get a new perscription from your doctor. Some doctors will be willing to perscribe the higher dose if they know you are cutting them in half and only taking half. But many doctors are only willing to write perscriptions for the dose they actually want you to take. Since most insurance companies limit the quantity to a 30, 60, or 90 day supply at a time; if your doc is in the latter category, you will wind-up with fewer pills of a larger dose, and not actually get more medicine, so it wouldn't actually save you money.

Basically, the best advice I can give is to talk to your doctor about the possibility and see if he/she is willing to write for a larger dose. If he/she is, then, yes, it is possible.

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