I have been taking Lecithin for aprox. 30 days now. About 3 weeks ago, I started having problems sleeping. Not stressing or worrying about anything in particular, I am tired, but I lie there completely awake. I read that they sometimes use lecithin for neurological disorders as well, ie memory. I've been taking it for my cholesterol. I am on anti depressants. Is it possible then that these two would work against each other, and give me sleepless nights? It's like I explained to my husband when he asked me what's bugging me to the degree that I can't sleep, "it's nothing specific, I just can't stop thinking, I can't get my brain to shut up for long enough that I can sleep" Not like voices in my head, just thoughts, continuous flowing thoughts. Night before last I had my first decent sleep of more than 3 hours. The only difference was that night was, I had two drinks. Yesterday I was working in the garden all day, I gave myself a slight case of heat exhaustion, but it was over quick enough, with some proper liquid intake and just cooling down and taking a break. Thing is, I was literally exhausted last night, and thought that I would have a great night's rest at least. No such luck, I finally fell asleep around 7:45 AM when everybody was waking up, I slept for about 3 hours and now I'm here, up and about, tired, but wide awake at the same time. Please help.