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Can I use novolin r and lantus together?


jlcurtis 27 Oct 2012

Although this question is over two years old, I understand that others may be redirected here as a result of finding out about combining the two.

The answer is, yes. You can combine the two together. Lantus, a long-acting insulin, provides a continuous or "basal" line of insulin, while Novolin R, a short-acting insulin, lasts about 6-8 hours, with an onset 30 minutes after injection.

I disagree with the previous answer. Lantus and Novolin R are both different types of insulin. Lantus is usually indicated in both types of diabetes, 1 & 2, as is Novolin R. However, Novolin R is more useful in patients with peaks in their blood glucose after eating. Novolin R would therefore complement Lantus in controlling blood glucose, especially after meals.

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Marvell 3 March 2010

You can use Novolin R and Lantus together but Novolin R may not be necessary if you are using Lantus.

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