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Can I mix retina-A cream with moisturizer and then apply them on my face together? Thanks!?


want2Bmedless 5 Dec 2010

Hi xiu!

I have done this. I use .05% strength. The only thing I would be careful about is what KIND of cream you were mixing with it. It will dilute the strength of your cream, but I know that my skin gets very flaky in winter if I do not do this occasionally. I would only use a cream "base" to mix with it... some examples of cream bases would be Moisturel or Glaxal Base... these creams are called "bases" because they are very simple creams/lotions that do not contain additional additives that may interact with the tretinoin in your cream.

Sometimes about an hour before bedtime, after washing my face, I put on Glaxal Lotion or Moisturel Lotion and in an hour it will have usually "sunk" into my skin... then I apply the Retin A... lotions are more readily absorbed into your skin... and that way you are still getting the full strength of your Retin-A. In winter, I usually try to alternate 2 strengths... I will use 0.25% one night, then 0.5% the next.

I hope this helps:)


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xiu 5 Dec 2010

Hi xx,

Thank you very much!
I am using 0.1% Tretinoin cream, which is very strong. I mixed it with cream de La Mer. Do you think this moisturizer has too much additional additives?
So you also suggested that it is better to apply the moisturizer an hour before the tretinoin rather than an hour after the tretinoin?

Thanks again!


want2Bmedless 5 Dec 2010

Here is a list of all the ingredients of creme de la mer:

seaweed (algae) extract [] mineral oil\paraffinum liquidum\huile minerale [] petrolatum [] glycerin [] isohexadecane [] citrus aurantifolia (lime) extract [] microcrystalline wax \cera microcristallina\cire microcristalline [] lanolin alcohol [] sesamum indicum (sesame) seed oil [] eucalyptus globulus (ecalyptus) leaf oil [] magnesium sulfate [] sesamum indicum (sesame) seed [] medicago sativa (alfalfa) seed powder [] helianthus annuus (sunflower) seedcake [] prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) seed meal [] sodium gluconate [] potassium gluconate [] copper gluconate [] calcium gluconate [] magnesium gluconate [] zinc gluconate [] paraffin [] tocopheryl succinate [] niacin [] beta-carotene [] decyl oleate [] aluminum distearate [] octyldodecanol [] citric acid [] cyanocobalamin [] magnesium stearate [] panthenol [] limonene [] geraniol [] linalool [] hydroxycitronellal [] citronellol [] benzyl salicylate [] citral [] ...


methylchloroisothiazolinone [] methylisothiazolinone [] alcohol denat. [] fragrance (parfum)

i would not mix the tretinoin with this cream. I do hear wonderful things about this product though! If you want additional moisture, and really want to mix it with your retin a... I would definitely stick to a much more simple moisturizer, the glaxal or moisturel I spoke about above. Perhaps use the retin a at night and use the creme de la mer for daytime? Are you using retin a for acne or for wrinkle prevention? Do you wear sunscreen in the daytime? The creme de la mer contains lanolin, which a lot of people can be sensitive to. How long have you used the creme? Here is a list of the ingredients in glaxal base lotion:

water, propylene glycol, paraffinum liquidum, petrolatum, cetearyl alcohol, hydroxyethylcellulose, carbomer, ceteareth-20, p-chloro-m-cresol, sodium hydroxide. I have sensitive skin so I try to be really careful because I suffer from hives, acne and am very fair. If you are determined to mix the creme with your retin a... Definitely test it out on a small area of skin that is not on your face first. Hope this helps:)

xiu 5 Dec 2010

Thanks! I use rentin A for acne. I have very serious acne. I just start to use cream de lar mer. And I am looking for a good moisturizer with SPF for day time. Do you have any recommendations?

want2Bmedless 6 Dec 2010

Hello again!

My acne has gotten a bit better over the years... also tends to clear up in the winter as there is electric/woodstove heat and it dries the air inside the house.

In winter I do not use a moisturizer during the day. When my skin tends to get dry and flakey I use the Glaxal Base moisture lotion that I mentioned above.

Right now, closer to winter, during the day under make-up I use 2 different SPFs on my facial area.

Winter: Around eye area only -- Clarins (Paris) Sun Control Eye Contour Care SPF 30 -- I chose this one because it has only 4 ingredients (less ingredients are better for me) -- Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 8.1% (sunblock), hydroxybenzoate esters & phenoxyethanol (preservatives), sodium chloride (yes, salt... I have no idea what that is used for)


Winter: Neck area only -- Dormer 211 Cream with High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid Complex -- it is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and also hypoallergenic and fragrance free. There are a lot more ingredients and I can list them later if you like... the only reason I hesitate to use this all over my face as a moisturizer is because it contains mineral oil... just the word "oil" makes me cringe... will not take the chance of a breakout. My neck has never had much acne on it and it is covered with a scarf most times when outside in winter... brrrrr :)

Winter: On the rest of my face -- Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 -- Active Ingredients -- Ensulizole 1%, Octnoxate 7.5% and Zinc Oxide 3% I find SPF 15 sufficient for everyday use in winter, however when I go ice fishing, skiing or snowmobiling I use my summer sunscreens because the sun reflects off the snow and causes me sunburn within a half hour.

Summer: Face and Neck -- Avene Eau Thermale (Paris) SPF 50 -- Active Ingredients -- Titanium Dioxide 16.11% & Zinc Oxide 5.8% -- I cannot even think about going on the beach without it all over my body. When I first purchased it I was hesitant because everything I had ever used before made me break out. I had to use something so I took a chance on this one and my skin LOVED it... it seemed to dry up my oily skin somewhat... I have one warning however... it is atrocious to get this stuff OFF your face... it is water resistant... make-up remover seems to help somewhat.

Summer: Eyes -- Clarins (Paris) SPF 30 (as mentioned above) If you don't use something similar to this, your eyes will burn if you some kinds of sunscreens run into inside them. Hey, maybe that is why it contains salt maybe, so that it does not burn your eyes?

I hope this helps... it has taken me quite some time to find "just the right" products for my skin... it is SO sensitive.

Good Luck!

xiu 6 Dec 2010

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help! free discount card

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