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Can I drink a few beers on valium?

3 Answers

Blackmamba 17 Feb 2010

I wouldn't recommend it. I take Valium every day, but I'm not a drinker. Some people can get away with it, but some people can't. It can sometimes result in death. And it can sometimes result with no results. But why find out what ur result will be? Your better off not experimenting.

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Inactive 14 Feb 2010

This combo can actually cause you to quit breathing, in the first right to die case, a girl name Karen Anne Quinlan drank one vodka or gin/ tonic and had one 10 milligram valium, was dieting and actually quit breathing.

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Blackmamba 17 Feb 2010

I too have known people whom have passed away due to drinking with just one benzo.

Psychmajor 14 Feb 2010

alcohol and benzos work on the same exact neurotransmitter so its not a good idea (1 beer and 1 valium really is like 3 valium and 2 beers if you drink on this med)

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Blackmamba 17 Feb 2010

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