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Can I cut my trazodone hydrochloride tablet in half?

3 Answers

kaliska 11 Sep 2016

Saying you can cut any tablet that is not time/slow release is a little vague and inaccurate. Not bothering to look up a particular pill because I am always getting on or off something and cutting the dose in amounts it doesn't come in (I can even recap my own powders in several sizes) I cut a brown generic amitriptyline thinking nothing of it. It's enteric coated. That means it is protected from stomach acid by a layer on the outside. Rather than go down by less than 1/4th of a pill I might as well have taken none. I was in horrid pain with cramping, aching muscles, migraines, and I didn't want to move all day. If I didn't have a tramadol on hand I would not have survived the day and it took 2 more days for my stomach to feel normal. It was not marked for any special release or in the name but it still cannot be cut. Which is why despite the score mark on my trazodone I checked it this time.

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barbles2413 4 Dec 2009

Your pharmacy sells pill cutters in case you were not having success with a knife

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Psychmajor 4 Dec 2009

i prefer the good ol' fashioned karate chop

barbles2413 4 Dec 2009

you are too funny hey i laughed for the first time today thanks

Psychmajor 4 Dec 2009

you can cut any tablet thats not an antibiotic (obvious reasons... ) or extended realse. so yeah that would be fine

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Minnieme 4 Dec 2009

Sure you can. My doc started me on 150 mg but I asked him if I could step down to half of that until my body got used to the new med. Breaking it in half was no problem. free discount card

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