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Can depakote cause high blood sugar readings?


slattery 7 Dec 2011

I do take depakote, and recently have been advised that I have pre-diabetes, although I am fairly confident that it is not my weight nor what I eat. However, I was taking the depakote in conjunction with an anti-psychotic (abilify)... and many of the anti-psychotics have this pre-diabetes as a side effect. Both myself and my dr. are pretty positive that it has nothing to do with the depakote - as the first poster said, it is not a reported side effect. So if you are taking depakote in combination with another drug, I would be inclined to look to the other drug first, before assuming that it is the depakote. I am very much feeling that it is not. And as he also pointed out, yes depakote can cause weight gain, so if this happened to you, then sure there's a correlation between overweight and diabetes. But as it's a really good drug, it would be a shame to drop it on the suspicion that it is causing this condition in you. Good luck!

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Rajive Goel 7 Dec 2011

Depakote casing high blood sugar readings has not been reported as its side effects, however it does cause as a rare side effect weight gain which could be one of the reasons of depakote causing high blood sugar readings.

It is recommended to seek medical advice, please. Take care.

Best wishes!

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