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Can Bactrim DS cause a false positive for Benzos.?

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suzanne66 31 Jul 2010

No, Bactrim, an antibiotic, will not give a false positive reading for Benzos.

JamesOEvans 18 Feb 2011

Yes it does. It caused a false positive for me. So i went to my probation officer and Took a lab test which came out negative for Benzos but positive for Bactrim. So in theory It obviously causes a false negative for Benzo for standardized Drug Tests.

brandym1981 27 Jul 2011

I am so glad I found this answer. I have to take random urine test for my pain management and I have been on Bactrim DS for 2 weeks now and have 2 more weeks to go and my drug test showed today that I was positive for Benzo's. I have never taken any type of Benzo's. So, now I am calling my family dr. and have her do a drug screen and not a standardized Drug test. I was so upset that I was being falsely accused of taking meds. that I don't even know or have.

sandyasks 7 Sep 2011

The same thing happened to me last week I took a drug test for my parole officer and it came up positive for benzos and I know that I haven't taken any. I've been trying to find out why for the last week and worrying cause I thought I was gonna go back to jail for something I didn't do. I've been taking Bactrim DS for the last 2 weeks now I'm gonna contact him and ask if bactrim was found in my lab results.

*just*a*girl* 3 Nov 2011

Yes Yes Yes I just spent 3 weeks in jail for taking bactrim. I know it was the bactrim because I haven't taken anything else. So please if you have to drug test DO NOT take bactrim.

jclay84 6 Jan 2012

so did the p.o. send it to the lab or what..the same thing happend to me today..i have not done no dam benzos, but the dip test was positive.. i just got outta jail and cought staph while there. the hospital gave me bactrim. its all i have taken..i told my p.o. to lab the urine..will it come back positive for benzos still?? or just the bactrim??? PLEASE SOMEONE LET ME KNOW!!!

bh06 24 Sep 2012

I just took a drug test today for my po and it was a dip test. I am taking Bactrim for a UTI and my urine test came back for benzos not once but twice. My po is sending it to the lab. I have not used anything but bactrim so yes it can cause a false positive.

swebb6981 24 Mar 2018

YES YES FOR SURE SHOWS POSITIVE FOR BENZO! Happened to me twice!!! free discount card

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