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Can Adderall be injected?


mike101876 19 May 2010

Hey I didnt die and ive been shooting it 4 over 10 years! But I do have kidney and liver disease along with bad heart proublems. So like he said dont do it cause you could die or maybe could be like me and suffer in pain 4 the rest of your life. Stop befor its to late,Mike.

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mitjason 7 Feb 2010

Adderall should not be injected however some addicts do inject it. I had a close friend who was addicted to Adderall and injected it the first time. He died from injecting the Adderall. I found out the day after. Don't risk your life. It's not worth it not to mention the fillers in the drug along with the increase in blood pressure and heart rate that you will experience. I hope this helps. Good luck to you!

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