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Can a Seroquel 300mg be cut in half?

4 Answers

Jonphillips123 9 Jan 2018

What would be the doesage if cut in half

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marliesmommy 12 Oct 2009

I was on seroquel xr and it says not to cut the pill. If your are on xr then no, do not cut the pill in half, you may not get all of the medicine. If you aren't an xr I still wouldn't cut it unless you have talked to your doctor and he/she says its ok. Messing with medicine, especially medicine for depression bipolar and/ or mania, is never a good idea. God bless and good luck.

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carlton_sara 12 Oct 2009

yes they can

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Jonphillips123 9 Jan 2018

What is the doesage if I cut 300mg of serquil in half

Marvell 20 Sep 2009

It depends - if it is an extended release tablet (Seroquel XR) then no it shouldn't be halved. If it isn't an extended release tablet then yes it can be halved.

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Inactive 20 Sep 2009

I have halfed the long, yellow 300 mg tablet before, but since i only take seroquel at bedtime, i have not had a problem with it. I only do it when my 200mg is not helping me sleep . If there is a rule of thumb about cutting 300mg in half, I don't know it, & probably would not follow it . It seems that asking my doctor about these things only makes things worse for me, so I just listen to my inner voice, and do it far as I can tell, no one is helping mecwith my psych probs OR health management EXCEPT ME!!
if you have a good relationship with your doctor, just call and ask! And consider yourself LUCKY for that good relationship! I envy you!! free discount card

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