Today is my 3rd day of taking buspirone. I was originally supposed to take 5mg once a day “as needed” for anxiety. Took it 1st day after doc appointment (for severe anxiety) at 4pm fell asleep at5pm and stayed asleep until 730am the next morning. I felt so happy stress-free and amazing when I woke up (had to take my 1st dose of citalopram 20mg that morning) but felt amazing pretty much the whole day. That night didn’t get to sleep til 2am. But wasn’t anxious, so no buspirone. At 7.30am took my second dose of citalopram and started getting a bit anxious and chest pains. Til later in the day, I was full blown panic. I took another buspirone and fell asleep. I woke up early today and called my doc about the heightened anxiety and chest pain when I started citalopram. She told me to not take it. Took a 1/2 buspirone to see if that would relieve my anxiety/ chest pains and not sedate me (put me to sleep)... it did but only for a couple of hours. I Have been having mild anxiety all day today, not as bad as yesterday and took another 1/2 buspirone at about 4pm to keep anxiety low. Anyways, I tend to be paranoid about my heart rate and is a HR tracker on my phone to keep track of how my hearts beating and I notice some of my readings are super low (for me) I’m used to running anywhere between 75-90bpm and have had some readings between 55-70bpm. Is Buspar/buspirone known to do that? Also I get occasional spikes in body temperature, what feels like hot flashes. Is this normal? It might also be that I am combating my thyroid at the same time. So my body temperature is never really normal as it is anyways. Also, will the sedative effect eventually go away? Because I liked how 5mgs made me felt AFTER my 14hr nap. But I’d prefer not spending most of my days as sleeping beauty.