... crazy. I was on the buspirone (5mg. 3x/day) for about 2 weeks and towards the end of that I was feeling pretty good. I went to a primary and he suggested that I start citalopram(10mg) as well. He is using it off label for my anxiety and OCD. The first night I took it, I thought I was losing my mind. I did a 180. I went from feeling pretty good the past couple days to feeling like I was back at square one. A nurse friend of mine suggested that I cut the pills in half and take them every 12 hours. (so still get the same dose in 24hrs just a bit spread out) this seems to help a bit. I definitely still have trouble sleeping and wake up jittery and shaky and scared but not as severe as when I took the whole dose. My question is, how long will the side effects last? And when should I be worried that they wont quit? Or should I maybe just go back to only taking the buspirone since I was seeing results with that? I know they say antidepressants can make it symptoms worse before it gets better, but I feel legitimately crazy! The other problem is my anxiety is fear driven so when I get scared I honestly don't know if its the medication or if its me. Also sometimes it feels like my blood pressure spikes, my ears get red and my body gets tingly ( even my lady parts sometimes), is this normal? I mean, I read about possible vagina numbness but don't know if its the same thing. This of course freaks me out and makes my anxiety worse I believe and starts a "feeling of dread" as I call it in the pit of my stomach. Just need some advice. Thank you.