... Amoxicillin, but the directions are scaring me because I have never had a yeast infection before/had it diagnosed by a doctor. I don't have insurance so seeing a doctor isn't the easiest option for me. I'm assuming that is geared at people who could have a UTI or STD but I know I don't have any STDs & have experienced more than one UTI before and this is totally different. I also have seen that maybe yeast infections can be mistaken for bacterial vaginitis and require different treatment but could I have that if I'm taking a bacteria fighting anti-biotic? And, my symptoms seem to fit a yeast infection more. I have the main symptoms of itching/burning and am very swollen but not the discharge. I talked to 2 live chat Walgreens pharmacists that casually said to use the Monistat but I'm still looking for some reassurance. I'm confident that it is a yeast infection but I'm already so uncomfortable that I'm terrified it will burn or something if I use it! Any advice or experience would be very much appreciated, thank you!