I recently went to the dentist with an abscess tooth. They gave me antibiotics and said to make an appointment to extract the tooth when I have finished the antibiotics. The problem tho is that I have a lot (and I am probably a bit extreme here) anxiety. My blood pressure always spikes significantly when I'm there. My bp was 179/120 and they told me that if it reads high at my next visit they will not work on me. What can I do to lower it?
I've taken my bp numerous times at home and even when I feel the most stressed and it's always good so I just need a temporary remedy. I asked if I could be prescribed a sedative such as valium like a previous dentist had done but she pretty much sneered at that idea. And for those who may say to just go to another dentist, the issue with that is this is the only one in my area I can afford so I'm pretty much on my own here.