I had been been on birth control for 3 years but had barely been back on it for a little over 3 weeks after I had stopped taking it in the summer when I had an incident on September 4. I decided to take plan b on September 5 to clear my mind. I got my "period" a week after for a few days. Ever since then I have been really bloated and just don't feel hungry, but obviously still eat. My bloating feels more intense at night time. Should I be worried of pregnancy or are these just side effects of plan b since I got what I would consider my "period"? I have also still been taking my birth control since so I don't know if my body is just going crazy because of it. According to my birth control next week is when my period should come since it's the last week of my pack so I don't know if that could be part of it too.

Also, any remedies to deal with the bloating would be great.