This is my second month on NuvaRing (first time using any kind of birth control) my three weeks are almost up and ill be getting my period soon. I already asked a question sometime ago about the spotting i was having while im on it and someone said it was "normal". The spotting stopped, but now im having some sort of yellow discharge. Its not cloudy or pasty it doesnt smell either i can only smell the odor of my vagina. It does not itch or burn when i urinate, but it still bothers me because i have to wear pantiliners all the time and i just dont wanna have any infections. Im calling the doctor's office but no one picks up and im so desperate that i want to take the ring out and forget about this mess. I want to go back to normal, i want my sex drive back! When my husband and i used protection my vagina was very very dry but now that we're not using protection i get so wet and the fluids are very clear. Is this normal?? To have this kind of discharge, someone said its a side effect of the ring... also the ring fell out one and i took a look at it and it seems that its turning yellow also. Is it safe? The doctor does not answer and i cant afford to change doctors. Im so confused!! Please help