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What is a big white oval pill with U03 on one side and scored on other for?


pillzilla 16 April 2014

Pill imprint U03 has been identified as Acetaminophen 325 mg and Hydrocodone Bitartrate 10 mg manufactured by Aurolife Pharma LLC.

Description: Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Tablet USP, 10 mg/325 mg is available as white to off-white, oval shaped tablets, debossed with “U03” on one side and break-line on the other side.

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pillzilla 16 April 2014

... and used for pain. More info at

gstuts 6 May 2015

The hydrocodone that I just got, same markings and color are made by Aurobindo, a company from India. I often get my script in the manufacturers container.

Eyeguy1 12 Aug 2016

I have been in healthcare for 30 some odd years handling financial services for hospitals hospital pharmacy's clinics and physicians. I was on Vicodin ES until it was removed from the market, I have been on it for 15 years for intractable degenerative disc disease of the lower back I recently encountered me through a prescription refill this particular company's version of Norco 325/10. This has proven to be the most worthless pill on the market for pain management in my opinion. I have spoken with both pharmacists and pain management physicians regarding generic drugs and we agree that Qualitest and Watson remaining at the top of the list of effectiveness for pain relieffor the majority of patients taking Norco equivalents. Albertsons, Safeway and Randalls pharmacies were utilizing this particular brand when Qualitest are Watsons were unavailable for Norco 325/10 however the Qualitest 325/10 (the yellow pill) as of August 10, 2016 are once again available at the stores.


If you should be given the AURO manufacturers Version of Norco 325/10 or 325/7.5 speak to the pharmacist about a special order and avoid this company's products which are inferior in my opinion from personal medical experience. AUROBINO is primarily a European corporation however their formulary for the Norco replacement products is substandard at least in my opinion. I would welcome to hear from individuals as to their experience with this medication and this manufacturers other medications as well which based upon my research tends to be more toward injectables

Hendifox 2 March 2018

I was recently giving the new oval white flat pill hydrocodone 325. I noticed that it gets into the blood system faster and it does the job but the effects do not last as long as the Watsons 325 mg hydrocodone

New York princess 22 March 2018

Are Narcof the brand name? I get hydrocodone white oblong and I swear they are like placebos! ! I don't feel any difference and definitely no opioid effect. Can. I ask for brand name instead of the pharmacy giving me generic?? I'm not trusting this generic product at all! ! What's going on,,,

Ronhall74 22 July 2018

I know someone that takes the U03 pill. They say it's not very good for pain. The Yellow pill of the same 10/325 seems to work the best. I personally think it's an absorbing problem. Something is definitely different. free discount card

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