Up until now I've only taken SNRIs for anxiety, but did not like side effects so doc wants to try Buspar. What she said and what the pharmacist said was different and now I'm lost.
I understand I need to take it same time everyday and be consistently with or without food.
But is with food better than without food??
Sounds strange, but I also take Adderall for ADHD, and that decreases appetite especially in morning so usually I don't have big breakfast.
Because it made me dizzy, I've been taking it right before I pass out at night (do without food).
But in morning because the dizziness, I try to take it with food..

So I started with 5mg BID for a week, then I increased my pm dose to 10 mg for a week. I am now taking 10 mg BID.
I also feel awful at the moment, If I'm not dizzy, I'm having nausea or diarrhea. And I think it's because I don't know if I should take it with food or not both times a day.