I was given Bactrim for a recurring cyst abcess. I had an allergic reaction and stopped taking, however with an hour of taking one pill, the yeast infection started. I will not take any OTC YI treatments (Monistat etc) because previous YI caused me to have what I would call chemical burns from them. Made it worse then the YI itself. So now my doc prescribed me clindamycin for possible BV. Which in turn gives a yeast infection. Is there no end to the cycle of raw, burning itchy skin in the Nether regions? I am so afraid to even take the Clindamycin for fear of making my vulva worse. I just now got to a point of the itching to almost stop. I also believe I suffer from recurrent UTI but can't find a doc who will understand and just wants to give me antibiotics. I am now 48 and in peromenopaus... which is another set of issues. Ughh!