What is the problem with Psychiatrists in diagnosing ADHD in adults and continuously tagging bipolar to it? Is there a prescription company run on Depakote or what? Or is it they don't want an old lady to go Ritalin fast? I know Beer does not work! Ha- Ha. Of which seems to be their major complaint back to me..Seems to me a whole heck of alot of people in this world just wants that darn pay check without their educated doctorate degree of an educated professional guess of what lurks in our minds, and then asks what pill do you want? I TOLD THEM A CASE OF PILLS THAT MAKE PROFESSIONAL JACKWAGON'S DO THEIR EDUCATED JOBS; THAT THEIR EDUCATION TAUGHT THEM TO DO! HEY DRUG COMPANIES CONTACT ME ! AND THIS IS NOT A HA-HA.. signed the old lady that lives in the bat.( this signature should really confuse those doctorates and the doctorates at the drug companies!) And this is without beer..hick-up..