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Are xanax bars legal? do you break them or take the whole thing? I just heard of this?

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JH223 6 Oct 2018

Its a fun fun drug for recreational use. I literally just dropped half a bar of double strength and I’m feeling great but don’t go for any more than that if you don’t have a high tolerance

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oxyaaron 7 Nov 2010

you need a script for them and if you dont and get caught its very serious not like getting caught with a little pot

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christineATU 7 Nov 2010

Very true!

Bdelacruz1 24 Jan 2017

If you take half of a Xanax bar how much hours would it take?

patrickaaron 7 Nov 2010

If you have a prescription to them they are legal. If you dont have a prescription than they are not. Depending on what dose you are prescribed will determine if you will have to break them or not.

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annatfultz 7 Nov 2010

Yes the bars are the same as two of the blue football oval shaped ones. If u look they can be broke into 4 tiny pieces. if u take just one quarter its like taking a peach xanax. It takes 4 peach ones to equal a bar andtwo blue ones to equal a bar. I think they r the strongest.ones u can get. Down where I live they call the bars totum poles or dog bones and we call the blue ones footballs. They are safe but strong. Take as prescribed because they r very addictive. And they will knock u out, si my advice is do not take while driving, if u have young children and no one else to help watch and be able to sleep 8 hrs atleast cuz if u r like me I will not hear a thing on half of one. They will relax u and u will get good sleep. Good luck.

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oxyaaron 7 Nov 2010

actually there is 3mg extended release and we also call them blue ones footballs

christineATU 7 Nov 2010

Yes, they are legal. Depending on the mg's needed to control symptoms, some patients may need the full "bar" to achieve the desired effect. However, most directions will have the patient split the bar half and half, or .05 per dose depending on the severity of the condition.

Good luck to you and best wishes,

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Inactive 7 Nov 2010

Perfecto very good answer chris!

christineATU 7 Nov 2010

Aww, thanks mrspage. Was wondering something, I know valium lasts longer than the xanax, as far as mg per mg, is a 10mg valium about equal to half a xanax bar?

oxyaaron 17 Nov 2010

yes i think 1mg of alprazolam(xanax) is equal to about 10mgs of diazepam(valium) free discount card

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