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Are all the pills in the z-pack the same? or is day 2 stronger than day4?

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RemSupreme 2 May 2010

No they are all 250mg,in fact the correct way to use the z-pack is 2 pills the 1st day and 1 for the next four

Anonymous 2 May 2010

The pills are all the same. They are all 250 mg and they have you take two the first day then one every day after till they are gone. The reason for taking two the first day is what they call "a loading dose". To get 500 mg in your system the first day followed by 250mg each day after. The Z-pack is a great antibiodic for most bacterial infections. You have to make sure you complete the pack. There have been some infections that have required an additional pack to treat the infection. Remember with any antibiodic, you must take all the pills even if you feel better. Sandy

RemSupreme 4 May 2010

Did you copy my first line??? JK

Anonymous 4 May 2010

No I didnt.

vemshan 13 Oct 2016

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