I started taking 0.5mg xanax 3x per day after giving birth to my daughter back in march 2011, I was having major panic attacks and even got to a point where I didnt want to leave my home. During my pregnancy I went through a lot of stress from being sick from the pregnancy to almost losing my husband in an accident.I went through a real depression. Thankfully now I feel a lot better and feel as though im getting stronger and have been able to drive and do everyday errands with my daughter. =) I have been able to get down to half of one 0.5mg once a day for a few months now. Im afraid that taking it every single day is a problem and I feel like Im the only one doing this. If I dont take that one dose a day I am afraid of withdrawals and also possibly going back to that dark place feeling anxious and panic. Your help and opinions would really be great as I have noone in my life who can relate. thank you.