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Has anyone switched straight from Lexapro to Prozac? And is the switch bearable?


Jake the Cat 19 Dec 2019

Hi bry143, I’ve switched from one SSRI to another with very little issue. Both of the drugs you’ve mentioned are in the same family, SSRI’S. I don’t think you will have any problems whatsoever. Also, Prozac has a built-in taper, so should it not work for you it will be easy to come off of. You didn’t provide dosages so I assume your physician has certainly calibrated that for your change. Expect good results!

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bry143 19 Dec 2019

Thanks so much! I am going from lexapro 20 mg to Prozac 20 mg. The pharmacist says that isn’t exactly equivalent. But when I brought it up to the dr she said it was ok? The lexapro 20 is less than the Prozac 20 the pharmacist said. I can always go up but I was concerned I would have a withdrawal from the lexapro?

TKMarsh711 20 Dec 2019

My doctor switched me straight from Lexapro to Prozac once. I was great for a week then I started having anxiety. I think it was withdrawal from Lexapro. I'd like to try Prozac again but I'm kind of nervous. I don't know if it should be just switched straight from one to another like that, but the prozac is a capsule so I'm not sure how to go about it. My dr. still says just quit taking Lexapro and start taking Prozac.

bry143 20 Dec 2019

Well I am praying for no issue. But the pharmacist said give it 2 weeks to start working.. I have a friend who is a pharmacist and I sent him a message and he said it was fine to switch straight over. So far today was day one and was a better day for me. Thanks!

TKMarsh711 21 Dec 2019

I hope you do well with it. I may try it again and give it longer this time. I’ve been on Lexapro for about 13 years and I don’t think it does much anymore.

bry143 21 Dec 2019

I took lexapro for 3 months. It would work for 3-5 weeks and then I would have to up it and that happened twice so I wasn’t gonna up it a third time lol. Good luck! The pharmacist said give it 2 weeks so that’s probably to get past a little withdrawal.

Jake the Cat 23 Dec 2019

Hi bry143, Just saw this and wanted to touch base with you! I still feel you will do just fine with your transition. I’m like you, whenever there’s a change in medication I look for problems! I assume it goes with our issue of being overly concerned. This past year I’ve gone through several medications which my system wouldn’t accept only to discover my thyroid medication needed adjusting . Ugh! Always check that thyroid function just to be sure. I hope by now you’re well on your way to feeling better. If not, don’t give up. Happy holidays to you!

bry143 23 Dec 2019

Thanks so much! I am on day 3 of the Prozac and so far so good!!

bry143 23 Dec 2019

I checked my thyroid and it was ok.

Jake the Cat 23 Dec 2019

That’s great to hear! Glad you’re feeling better!
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