How long is recovery, and what symptoms remain such as body pain, fatigue, dizziness, weakness and memory loss. I had sepsis and gall bladder removal, spent a week in ICU, ten days hospitalized and still feel weak and unable to walk fifty feet without needing to sit.

My legs and knees hurt, I sweat more than companions, I can watch a movie and completely miss segments according to my spouse. I am 63 was pretty active, now scared and couldn't remember how to work my coffee pot when I got home.

It has been about 7 weeks... almost 2 months since my surgery, and I have heard everything from you should be ok now to it might take a year. My family doctor retired, and the place I went for followup gave me a nurse who didn't seem interested and did not even do blood work or touch me. I know I must find a good doctor, but I am exhausted and broke.

I would love to hear anything from people with experience with sepsis. Thanks so much for your time and input.