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Does anyone know if a pink pill with E 345 is Adderall 30 mg?

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JaimeeFz777 6 May 2023

I personally do not like them. It depends on heart rate and altitude whether or not they work, for me. And that's too many variables to be considered an effective generic substitute for a drug that should work no matter where I am physically and mentally. I'd get rid of generic altogether if it were up to me. My doctor is writing prescriptions for Adderall so why is dextroamphetamine being dispensed and how is this more cost effective if it takes 3 times of the generic as it does the name brand? Doesn't make sense to me. At all.

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ethanboyle71 19 Aug 2022

N35 = 30mg

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Lesley1115 4 Dec 2019

Yes. It is a generic form of Adderall IR 30mg and works just fine.

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TheMaestro 11 Sep 2019

Pill with imprint E 345 is Pink, Round and has been identified as Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine 30 mg. It is supplied by Epic Pharma LLC.

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Hatfieldmurielemma 3 Sep 2019

Yes, it is a generic (I believe) an amphetamine dextroamphetamine; used to treat a multitude of symptoms, usually goods for ADHD.

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MissCane 14 Dec 2018

Adderall 30mg PINK/round/E345
Yes these are Adderall 30mg. I can't find any info. Searching online and used pill identifier.
..I haven't seen pink Adderall since the Cor ones. I personally think the Cor pink adds work the best. many generics out there, most w/ bad side effects. Not all Adderall generics work the same.
..I can't say if how I feel just yet. I just took first dose 10 min ago. I went searching for info because I hadn't seen this generic before.
..if anyone finds more info please leave comment.

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Budracin25 3 Dec 2018

Hey there,
I just got mine filled at Giant in Fred va and I got the Epic brand and I feel like they rock! To me they are every bit as good as the football ones. I also am prescribed oxycodone 30mg and it's by this epic company and they are great too!

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Jennb716 3 Dec 2018

yes I agree with the other woman it is a generic adderall but is a 30mg

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Antimattervoodoo 29 Nov 2018

Yes it is generic Adderall 30mg manufactured by Epic Pharmecuticals. Friends of mine who are prescribed these claim that they seem to be weaker than all other generic formulations. Good Luck and Safe Travels!

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Ksaunders628 29 Nov 2018


marzboy777 3 Dec 2018

Hi Antimattervoodo!
marzboy777 here. I take Adderall and the manufacturer is TEVA. The med is OK and in fact beside helping my focus (I have ADD) it also relieves my Fibromyalgia pain, although it's not "supposed to" end quote, do that. I did a little research and some guy reported the same blessing: Adderall relieves his Fibromyalgia pain. So I'm getting a double bang for my bucks!
One thing I've been thinking--and perhaps it's my imagination working overtime--is this. A couple months ago I picked up my 'scrip and this time the manufacturer was SANDOZ. It seemed to me that I had a better med experience with the SANDOZ tablets--and again, it could be my imagination plus some of the comments in our support group that have now got me wondering if I should do a little research. I've even considered writing to SHIRE, the company which created Adderall in the first place, so of course their "version" is the real McCoy and not a generic. Yes, the real thing would no doubt be a little pricier. Any ideas?

Ksaunders628 29 Nov 2018

I don’t know for a fact what it is but I did come searching for the same thing. Round pink pill with an E (that almost looks like a C) and 345 under it. With a + sign imprint on the back. I was given this and told it was an adderall 30mg. I hope it is and hopefully that helps you.

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Ksaunders628 29 Nov 2018

I’m also from MD so maybe it’s a DMV thing

WhoKnowsWhy 18 Nov 2018

Did you ever find out if this in fact is adderall or not? A friend has these too and couldn’t find any info on them.

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masso 16 Sep 2018

You can either take it to your Pharmacist or call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222, as no match has been found.

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LousArk 15 Sep 2018

At the top off the page there is a Pill Identifier, that can help with this.

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Trachel024 15 Sep 2018

it's not showing anything

Concernedcitizen1337 27 Nov 2018

It doesnt exist anywhere but in my hand and op’s . what is this? Prescription was filled at Walmart in Virginia.

Jennb716 3 Dec 2018

That pill identifier guide does help 98% of the time I just found out that that 2% is out there especially with that pink 30 mg Adderall does not show up at all free discount card

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