I had Conn's Disease in 1988. The benign tumor on one gland and my other non-functioning gland, were surgically removed. Post-Op, I was weaned from steroids and was able to go without for many years, except in times of illness. Over time I needed to be put back on them, and the dose was increased until I was taking 30mg a day for about 10 yrs. I recently changed Endocrinologists and my dose of hydrocortisone was reduced to 25mg.

Over the past 2 years I have developed a lot of problems with my teeth... decay under 2 crowns to where the remaining molar had to be extracted. I have lost a 3rd crown, and have been told by 2 dentists that I need root canals, crowns and more extractions, as well as several bridges and thousands of dollars to cover the cost. My second question relates to just waiting to get dentures if it is inevetible that I am going to lose most or all of my teeth. I was told by 2 Endocrinologists that steroid use does effect my teeth, causes bones to 'thin', and can cause Diabetes. I want to know if anyone else has encountered similar dental problems, what you have done, and how you have been treated for them.