Here's my story, being as brief as possible. I began taking zoloft in September 2014, just 25mg. I increased to 50 after 2 weeks and basically felt my anxiety slightly increase (I've come to find out that I should'nt have even been on zoloft as its not really for anxiety?). I was mainly nauseous and nervous most of the time. I thought I just needed more medicine, so decided to increase to 75mg in January. My anxiety increased so I went to 100mg. After 7-10 days of 100, I felt like a zombie. Some awful crying spells, fatigued, headaches... nothing like I had previously experienced. I decided that the zoloft didn't work well with me so I'm currently weaning off of it before switching to Lexapro. For the last two weeks since I began weaning (went from the 100mg to 62.5mg for a week and now currently on 50mg for last 5 days), I've had this dull, lingering headache that doesn't go away. It's in the back of my head and I feel somewhat dizzy and disoriented as well. However, I haven't felt too nervous nor anxious oddly enough, but pretty lethargic and weird. Is this all fairly typical for being on zoloft for about 6 months. How long would anyone expect to feel this way? It's not a very a high dosage nor long period of time so I'm a little concerned. I was at my doctor on Wednesday to discuss the switch and my symptoms and he didn't seem concerned at all. I also asked for an EKG (which was normal) and he asked "why do you think you had a cardiac event??? ". I guess he doesn't know how us anxious people operate lol.
Thanks in advance for any responses! Good luck everyone!