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Does anyone else have an almost daily headache with bupropion?


chuck1957 18 April 2016

bryansmom; here is a list of the most common side effects of Wellbutrin SR OR XL THIS IS ON brand and generic myself I have no problems with any brand. It's just gotten a bad rap because of a recall they had on the generic years ago and it just keeps going around,Granted I never dought anyone because the binders are different and that is what some can react.So no matter what the mind is as powerful as the medications,And some you can look for whatever side effect you want and get it.But the active ingredients are exact both brand and generic are allowed a 3.5 to 4% difference in levels per batch.Anyway here you well see very common is Migraines,and Headache and these are even more common the first week or two of taking the medication then many of those side effects go away.But if it's been longer than that let the doctor know.okay, here you go with the most common side effects((Commonly reported side effects of bupropion include insomnia, nausea, weight loss, pharyngitis, constipation, dizziness, headache, and xerostomia. Other side effects include chest pain, arthralgia, skin rash, urinary frequency, agitation, abdominal pain, migraine, good luck

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bryansmom 18 April 2016

As I posted above, I too have been taking this medication for a couple of years, I also have chiari. I am just going to see if a change in medication will help. It is almost debilitating to have these headaches every single day, with relief only occasionally.

Inactive 18 April 2016

Chuck, in my case, I realize that the binders are different. But in my research I have found that when Wellbutrin's patent expired, the generics produced the same med, except for the fillers as you stated. But, they couldn't duplicate the time-release mechanism of brand name. Some of them dump a whole bunch of it into your system at once at various times during the day, rather than a more even time-release, either on a 12hr or 24hr schedule. I take the bupropion SR because I can control better how it's released in my system. Also, I had a hard time sleeping on the XL version because it was being released all day and all night and would keep me awake. I am a guinea pig when it comes to the generic versions. My personal experience was that I got different side effects from one generic to another. One of them gave me extreme headaches. The one I take now does not. Maybe this thought will help someone who is having bad side effects.


My doctor is very in favor of the success of bupropion in her patients. So Bryansmom, if you are willing to try a different generic, you might find more relief with it. Hope this helps.
And Chuck, you give out excellent information on these sites. Please keep it up. We appreciate you! I have you in my prayers. "G"

chuck1957 19 April 2016

Hi G ; hope all is well with you, yes there can always be a chance of something like this you have happen glad you have found a brand that works for you and are able to stick with getting the same brand and it is a very good Idea to try a different brand if you have problems with one to find out how it works for you glad you found one. And stick with it now you know it works well for you.stick with the good help you are giving all here It's always best to get several different people to show that there can be a difference. Have a good evening.

Inactive 17 April 2016

Hi bryansmom. Are you taking generic bupropion? Are you taking the SR or the XL version? I got headaches when I was taking the bupropion XL. There are several companies that make the generic versions, and I have found a difference in them, although many other people say they don't see a difference in one from another. "G"

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Inactive 17 April 2016

I meant to say, are you taking the SR version or the XL version of bupropion, the generic version of wellbutrin, lol. My bad...

bryansmom 18 April 2016

I am on the xl, I have been having daily headaches for a couple years now. Both my pcp and neurologist never suggested that this medication could be the problem. I also have a Chiari malformation, a brain condition, although both docs feel my daily headaches are not caused by my condition. I have been on the bupropion for a couple years now too. I think I am going to see if we change my medication. free discount card

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