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Does anyone know of any class action lawsuit against Latuda?

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IowaIronGirl 26 Mar 2017

Nothing as of right now. I developed irreversible TD and wish there was a way to be compensated. It was given to me inpatient and I was not aware of the risk.

WildcatVet 20 Aug 2017

That was the fault of your provider.

Timsmith78 1 Dec 2017

I too have been suffering from TD in my neck and jaw lips for the last year-and-a-half from Latuda currently I'm getting Botox and Klonopin for treatment Botox helps a little but relax is all the muscles in the front of the neck and jaw so eating is difficult and tiresome with holding your head up

Liferuined 20 Aug 2017

Hello Loucretia Wells. I would also like to know the answer to this. Latuda ruined my life. I lost everthing I held dear. Please message me back so we can discuss this further.

Timsmith78 1 Dec 2017

Latuda has also ruined my life.
Difficult driving in general.
The constant problem with perching my lips and making funny faces sweating profusely because of the muscle spasms that are happening in my front of my neck I've also chipped two teeth because my mouth is always tense as if I ate something sour. The only relief I get is sleep so I take Ambien as self treatment as well. Nothing seems to be helping and my neurologist says this is probably going to be a lifetime issue you're going to deal with and then there's the botox side effects for the lifetime

HKilpatrick 4 Sep 2017

Hello, I am wanting to follow along also to see if there are any Open Class Action Lawsuits that happen.

Timsmith78 1 Dec 2017

Me too... Latuda has ruined me financially now that I'm not able to work

baddestdrug 7 days ago

No I do not but I am looking for such. I have never had a more terrifying experience in my life than the tardive diskenesia which came over me. I've been battling it for three weeks now. In emergency room twice--from taking this awful drug once. Horrifying.

Liferuined 7 days ago

I feel for you. I didn't get the same reaction but it caused me to become manic and be in psychosis whereby I left my husband who I still love dearly and spend all of my hard earned money, lose my business. I assaulted someone as the fallout continued so I had to deal with court. I spent seven months in psychiatric care only to be put on the drug that works for me that I should never have been taken off of. All I wanted was weight loss. After I had lost my whole life my doctor admitted all anyi psychotics cause weight gain. I miss my old house, my husband. i'm embarrassed by bad choices I made during psychosis. I even had to file for bankruptcy. This is not fair. We should be compensated. free discount card

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