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Does anyone know of any class action lawsuit against Latuda?

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YellowDog Delta 17 July 2022


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cassidybarber1985 23 May 2022

My son was on this for YEARS during his adolescent development turning into a teenager and grew slight breasts and constant movements they won't diagnose as TD. We put a stop to Latuda and they shrunk considerably and the movements got better but neither went away.

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Canded72 3 Feb 2022

Hello, does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit against Latuda? My son is 31 and he has this terrible condition. His right arm constantly Jenks and swings, he has facial tics as well as constant mouth movements. He cannot work, and at times has a hard time feeding himself.

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Aninay0514 25 April 2021

Someone please help. I took Latuda for 4 years and was told it was safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. After pregnancy, I notice the symptoms of TD in my mouth and face. Later, it traveled all over my body. My 3 year old son has shown the symptoms shortly after I stopped breast feeding him. I have to pay out-of-pocket to get a full brain exam because a regular doctor on my insurance isn’t listening to me. I’m on the verge of loosing my job. Please help!!!

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Mrzlotta 13 Jan 2020

Hi Loucretia & Everyone participating on this thread. I too have had permanent damage due to the drug latuda and I am actively seeking assistance to make others aware of the damages just to allow them the warning which I was not allowed. I think I may have run a cross something about a suit allow me to dig a little further then I'll post the information here for you & anyone who would need it. Good luck with everything to everyone I wish you the best in happiness and health.

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twinkie62 31 July 2020

i wonder if you ever found anything? sure aren't many current post for this question. Thats really to bad. It's ruined my life also. i took this poison from 2014 to 2019. It's so dang funny how all those muscles disorders, eye problems, brain problems that up until maybe 2 years ago ( if that) were "rare" and "very rare "side effects are now at the very top of the " very common" side effects list. I do hope someone is going to see and share. Loop Hole! in our presence. they were lying. and if they weren't. to bad. they did not properly disclose the information they had on these side effects. if we knew they were most likely going to happen to us. No one would have took it. Someone find us a lawyer.

David Boorboor 24 Oct 2019

I developed CRPS a painful nerve disorder of the nervous system and autonomic nervous system that causes burning pain throughout the body. I want to sue them because, before this drug I didn’t have any of these problems.

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Mybeautifulbabygirl 8 Oct 2018

My daughter has struggled with depression and eating disorders since thirteen, now twenty-seven. She excels in college, four classes away from her biology/chemistry degree, headed to medical school next year with a high gpa, her dream us to be an ER doc. Her Psyc put her on Latuda and before being on the drug only three weeks the symptoms of TD hit. Right now she can’t even sleep, the continual facial distortions, scratching, grunting, difficult breathing, lack of concentration, arms jerking, constant leg movement when at rest.. last night I was up with her until 4:00 am .. she can’t drive, she’s missing classes.. I’m so afraid her life is over not to mention her goal of emergency medicine, she’s worked so hard. She’s been off the drug for two weeks and she just continues to get worse every day. What can I do for her?
Her Psyc wants to put her on Rexulti now, but how do we lessen these symptoms and get her some rest? She’s exhausted from the constant movement.

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lostuser 8 Oct 2018

To my knowledge there is no class action lawsuit. But there should be, even with the notification of potential side effects. I believe they underestimated how many people will have these and worse side effects. I did file a claim with the FDA. No way can the makers of Latuda address the issues with this medication if they don't know. Best of luck to your daughter. I hope she finds relief.

YellowDog Delta 17 July 2022

I agree.

Wayne247 6 Sep 2018

Is there a class action lawsuit against latuda. Have only been taking latuda for a couple of months and i am experiencing td and losing everything because of this bad drug?

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WildcatVet 16 Sep 2018

To date:
"Are there any Latuda lawsuits?
No, so far Latuda has not been the subject of any mass tort law suits. "
You cannot sue for known and disclosed side effects. From the literature on Latuda:
"Common (1% to 10%): Dizziness, dyskinesia, dystonia/acute dystonia, tardive dyskinesia"

Mrbill77345 22 July 2018

Haven't found one but looking for one, because of latuda I had a disk pulled out of my neck

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Mrbill77345 12 Nov 2018

Update, in a couple of months after discontinuing latuda, I now have arthritis EVERYWHERE. Which I am finding linked. These Aholes need to put out of business. My psychiatrist and pharmacist had no info that any of this could ever happen. The physicians I've seen for related issues only have admitted to knowing years later after no longer seeing them making sure to leave no documentation.

WildcatVet 14 Jan 2020

"Common (1% to 10%): Back pain, increased blood creatinine phosphokinase, musculoskeletal stiffness
Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Joint stiffness, myalgia, neck pain
Rare (less than 0.1%): Rhabdomyolysis
Frequency not reported: Muscle rigidity, muscle spasms, neck muscle spasm, torticollis, trismus[

lostuser 23 May 2018

I wish I had a good answer. I was on Latuda for 6 months. I had at least 3 episodes where I blacked out. Hospitalized for the first one and terrified my family the others. I have zero memories of these episodes or what I did. But I did have to survive the embarrassing fallout. I lost 2-3 days each time, and was only semi coherent for 2 days after that until I felt sort of normal. I overdosed on all my other meds, something I have never done, and why did I overdose? I dunno because I don't remember. My husband recorded me acting like a hopped up druggie, red glazed over eyes shaking mumbling and trying to take more meds. My hubby took my medications from me and had to play nurse giving me what I needed and when. He once found me shuffling down the middle of the road, in my pajamas, in the middle of the day. I disappeared for hours and I may never fully know what I did during those times.


Once at 11pm in the pouring rain I decided to walk to work, again in pajamas, my 13 year old daughter had to chase after me in the rain until my husband caught up. Took both of them to get me home, I fought back! I lost work as did my hubby. luckily I didn't lose my job. between the absurd cost of the medication, my erratic behavior and a hospital visit I filed bankruptcy. I also have the body/limb twitches, violently some part of my body twitches for no reason. hard to drive when my head decides it needs to look over the right shoulder right now! also gained 20 pounds that I can't lose.

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WildcatVet 23 May 2018

You can't sue a manufacturer for a known/disclosed possible side effect. If you are injured because a doctor or pharmacist breached their duty to warn you about a drug's side effects, you do have recourse. A lawyer can help you figure out whom to sue.
For example these are common and disclosed side effects:
Common (1% to 10%): Dizziness, dyskinesia, dystonia/acute dystonia, tardive dyskinesia
Common (1% to 10%): Decreased appetite, increased appetite, increased weight
Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Hyponatremia, increase in blood sugar levels/blood glucose increased
Frequency not reported: Abnormal glabellar reflex, bradykinesia, cogwheel rigidity, convulsion, drooling, hyperkinesia, hypersomnia, hypersomnolence, hypokinesia, motor impairment, oromandibular dystonia, sedation, stroke, tremor

Sideffects2 24 May 2018

Too bad the FDA doesn't work for the people that are prescribed these harmful drugs at a time of distress. Why would any psychiatrist make a person physically sick with a slight chance of the drug helping? We all know the answer to that one

WildcatVet 24 May 2018

The answer is that the drug is beneficial and without harmful side effects in >90% of users.

Sideffects2 24 May 2018

There are no studies to prove that long term use or even short term use doesn't cause movement disorders and a host of other diseases as enumerated in the literature. Vulnerable people need protection from these drugs that manifest life endangering side effects. If these drugs weren't so lucrative, they wouldn't be marketed as an answer to all of lifes' challenges.

WildcatVet 24 May 2018

"as enumerated in the literature"
Ask questions of the prescribing physician, dispensing pharmacist, read the product insert that accompanies your prescription, or use a site such as to educate yourself before making a benefit ~vs~ risk decision. You are responsible for what you put in your mouth.

lostuser 25 May 2018

WildcatVet I agree with you on many points. I did research Latuda before taking it, mostly because it is so expensive! I read their website, read the black box warning, read forums and online reviews. Going in I understood the risks, I also took greater concern as I am known to be the weird .001 percent that has the weird effects. I was also very excited to see it's great success, hoping I was one of the >90% that felt better. Unfortunately I am one of the <10% who do not respond to this medication. I have and understand I will have life long issues caused by taking this medication for just 6 months, TD and tremors to be specific. I accept those as the consequences of looking for healthier mental life. However, I implore you to point out in the long list of side effects, where it says you may lose your reality for several consecutive days.


Where you will shuffle like a drunkard down the middle of a road, in broad daylight, in your pajamas until your spouse finds you and drags you home. Still looking for the warning where I was hospitalized, my first episode, at a major metropolitan hospital, not one doctor had heard of Latuda. None thought I was having a reaction to Latuda. I was unable to express my concerns because I don't remember any of this, I am strictly going on what my spouse told me. I remember it being Saturday and next its Tuesday afternoon and I am two hours from home in a hospital with my husband freaking out. My medical charts listed Latuda as a new medication. The doctors told me to lay off my anti anxiety meds and sent me home after a 24 hour observation. My prescribing doctor also was not sure why I did what I did, so she increased my Latuda thinking I was having a low level reaction. Well four months later, two more episodes, multiple horror stories of my terrifying behavior, lost work for both my husband and I, physically fighting my 13 year old daughter at 11 at night in the pouring rain because I wanted to go to work and she thought I should be in bed, and also nearly, unintentionally, killing myself by overdosing on my medications. luckily my husband caught on and hid my medications. And.. I have no memories of these occurrences, each lasting 2-3 days. Huge medical bills, not to mention the cost of this medication. I demanded to stop taking this drug. Four months later and I have not had another episode. I take my medications properly and have returned to my "normal" life. Please, I beg you, where are any of this listed in the warnings? Obviously, I am not alone on this side effect. But I would sure love to educate some doctors that had no idea this was a side effect of a medication that has been on the market for several years.
I can deal with the issues I was warned about. But I also took Abilify for years and never took up gambling. who is responsible to know what this medication is capable of? The manufacturer, the doctor, or am I, as a patient, supposed to fully know what random chemicals pressed into a pill will do to me?

Vickierferguson 16 Sep 2018

My life has been turned inside out. I had a complete cardiac work up in 2014. Nothing showed. I now have a 80%, 20% and 20% blockage to my heart. Thanks Latuda

WildcatVet 13 Jan 2020

"Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Angina pectoris, atrioventricular (AV) block first degree, bradycardia, hot flush, hypotension, increased blood pressure, orthostatic hypotension"

mmmousemaid 5 March 2022

ditto: my husband is playing nurse for me and doing a good job, being educated and experienced in meds;

betad 12 Feb 2018

I am or was a crane operater. No one will hire a crane operater that can't control hand movement. I took latuda and my hands begin to shake. Couldn't eat with a spoon everything fell out of it. I don't have Parkinson's that's what my psychiatrist told me that was wrong with me. He was the biggest a-hole I ever met. now I'm out of work out of money and can't do anything to make it up. So I'm doing the same thing looking for somebody that's suing the pharmaceutical company that made it

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baddestdrug 13 Jan 2018

No I do not but I am looking for such. I have never had a more terrifying experience in my life than the tardive diskenesia which came over me. I've been battling it for three weeks now. In emergency room twice--from taking this awful drug once. Horrifying.

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Liferuined 13 Jan 2018

I feel for you. I didn't get the same reaction but it caused me to become manic and be in psychosis whereby I left my husband who I still love dearly and spend all of my hard earned money, lose my business. I assaulted someone as the fallout continued so I had to deal with court. I spent seven months in psychiatric care only to be put on the drug that works for me that I should never have been taken off of. All I wanted was weight loss. After I had lost my whole life my doctor admitted all anyi psychotics cause weight gain. I miss my old house, my husband. i'm embarrassed by bad choices I made during psychosis. I even had to file for bankruptcy. This is not fair. We should be compensated.

Bigchris814 17 March 2018

I also was put on the drug Latuda and today I now have lost everything in my life including my wife and I have controllable movement of my body I have memory loss and seizures that sometimes last just a few minutes or may last longer when I come to I don't know who I am where I am or who the people are around me I can't recognize people and several other problems medically now I can't work and I am on disability so I need to find a lawyer that can help me compensate where I can at least have my life back or at least a house to live in to live my life cuz I have truly lost everything I can't concentrate on things for very long and unable to finish things I start I need a lawyer please if anyone can help

HKilpatrick 4 Sep 2017

Hello, I am wanting to follow along also to see if there are any Open Class Action Lawsuits that happen.

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Timsmith78 1 Dec 2017

Me too... Latuda has ruined me financially now that I'm not able to work

Heather hoke 28 Oct 2018

I have many serious conditions deadly and I want to find a way to sue! Does anyone know where to begin?

Liferuined 20 Aug 2017

Hello Loucretia Wells. I would also like to know the answer to this. Latuda ruined my life. I lost everthing I held dear. Please message me back so we can discuss this further.

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Timsmith78 1 Dec 2017

Latuda has also ruined my life.
Difficult driving in general.
The constant problem with perching my lips and making funny faces sweating profusely because of the muscle spasms that are happening in my front of my neck I've also chipped two teeth because my mouth is always tense as if I ate something sour. The only relief I get is sleep so I take Ambien as self treatment as well. Nothing seems to be helping and my neurologist says this is probably going to be a lifetime issue you're going to deal with and then there's the botox side effects for the lifetime

Rebecca Hoover 24 Jan 2018

I had kidney failure as I didn't know latuda caused high blood sugar. I am trying to find an attorney. i can be reached on facebook under Rebecca hoover bohar

Vickierferguson 2 Aug 2018

I had a complete cardiac work up 4 years ago. Everything was great. I started Latuda after telling my doctor that I didn't think I was bipolar now have an 80%blockage and narrowing veins. I blame the drug

IowaIronGirl 26 March 2017

Nothing as of right now. I developed irreversible TD and wish there was a way to be compensated. It was given to me inpatient and I was not aware of the risk.

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WildcatVet 20 Aug 2017

That was the fault of your provider.

Timsmith78 1 Dec 2017

I too have been suffering from TD in my neck and jaw lips for the last year-and-a-half from Latuda currently I'm getting Botox and Klonopin for treatment Botox helps a little but relax is all the muscles in the front of the neck and jaw so eating is difficult and tiresome with holding your head up

Timsmith78 1 Dec 2017

I too was not told about the side effects until after I got them soon after that my psychiatrist stopped taking my insurance and is cash only now but he kept me on Latuda for an additional 4 months after my tics started happening he threw all kinds of other medicine at it such as Cogentin Zenazine muscle relaxers I have the other ones written down but he threw probably five other medication to try to combat the muscle movement disorder.
I was also on Wellbutrin at the time my new psychiatrist told me he should have never put me on both of them at the same time it causes too much dopamine to be made in the brain and now that's the permanent side effect I have too much dopamine my brain is making and my body is shaking profusely my neck and face and neck movements is the only area that is affected. Very embarrassing to be in public and even have conversations with people is difficult because when you see people look at you differently while you're talking to them you know what they're thinking... free discount card

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