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Anyone know if bystolic causes erection problems or have any info on this?

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Wiskbroom 28 April 2018

The original website said no effect so I had my Doc take me off metoprolol (which zapped any virtual hope) and also lisinopril. In two weeks I had my “powers” again
Taken bystolic I had that break period, having reflux and nausea. By the third week reflux was better but was experiencing some sexual problems at times. Less desire and taking longer to ejaculate. Now at fourth month I still have some problems

If I were to switch again it might be losartan. It’s noted to not affect male sexuality but has a long list of other side effects


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kaismama 11 July 2012

While bystolic itself does not note ED, blood pressure medications have been known to cause it.

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Rajive Goel 11 July 2012

Bystolic does not report erection problems as its side effects, however it does cause fatigue in around 5% of the people who take it which could lead to problems in erection.

Maybe seeking medical advice would be a good idea, please take care.

Best wishes!

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