I am 62 yo. Have been on Prozac for six weeks for severe anxiety and depression. At first, it made anxiety worse. I started on 5 mgs for a week, 10 mgs for two weeks, and now 20 mgs for two weeks. I finally began to feel better at 3 weeks. That lasted about a week, then my awful anxiety returned, lasted about 3 days, then much better again. I was getting out more, talking more, etc., then 3 days ago, the anxiety has returned. I worry about everything that’s out of my control and have a hard time functioning. BTW, I’ve suffered severe anxiety since I was 23. My question: Is it expected for your a/d to come and go as you get on Prozac because it’s getting in your system good? I want this to work so badly. Am I wanting too much too soon?? Thank you.