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What antibiotic is used for an abcessed tooth? Is Azithromycin ever used?

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Matt fc 12 March 2020

If you're asking because you're in pain and can't get to a doctor
Right away it would be of help it does work on a tooth abscess but Amoxicillin is usually the one they prescribe, people who can't take other antibiotics have been put on this, look if you leave any infection to long it can be a big problem , but if you're talking about a single z pack because you're in a jam Yes it will help, but see a dentist as soon as you can.

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endlessPred 24 March 2013

Hello. The tooth needs to be tended right away. Treating the infection just won't do it. If the tooth is cracked or needs pulling, the infection doesn't go away. It may actually be more than one tooth infected. It can also destroy bone and cause major problems.

Untreated tooth with an abscess can lead to a brain abscess. Extremely serious and potentially life threatening. There are good dentists out there and painless procedures. Not like it was when I was a kid. Please take care of this soon. Karen

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SleeplessInSTL 22 Dec 2016

Your ridiculous!! Why not tell them they can get A.I.D.S. too!!! Taking an antibiotic is not a fix, but can be a solution until it can be assessed for a procedure! Trying to scare the person isn't going to make them rush to an Emergency Dentist. Trust me, they have "motivation" to fix the probelm! Bad advice. J. Guest DDS.

Cnjsmom1111 8 Nov 2017

SL SleeplessInSTL,
I hope you'll see my comment. I currently have an abscess and will have dental ins in 3 weeks but after reading some comments I'm terrified. Will antibiotics hold me over till I can see a dentist? Thanks

JasonJ92 20 Nov 2017

From my personal experience with many tooth abscesses, I was able to hold off seeing the dentist for several months after treating the infection with antibiotics. 3 weeks should be fine unless symptoms return or become worse, then you may want to try to get in sooner.

Beautyforashes4 19 May 2018

I agree with you in spite of what SleeplessinSTL says... In fact here is proof of what you say..from a doctor...
Fungal brain abscesses tend to occur in people with weakened immune systems. ... However, brain abscesses can also begin from an ear or sinus infection, or even an abscessed tooth. See your doctor right away if you think you may have a brain abscess. Apr 20, 2017

4N Substances 24 March 2013

Dear TxGramma,
Yes, Azithromycin is used for dental infections and abscesses, among other things. If you're talking about using some old leftover med you have though, use caution. Expired medication may not be safe to use and it may have undergone chemical changes due to its age. Also, if the entire prescription isn't there, you'd be taking it incomplete and could seriously worsen rather than improve the condition. You should be able to get an antibiotic for dental pain at an urgent care center, but that won't solve the problem. The tooth must be treated by filling, root canal or extraction. Good luck. I know it must be painful.
4N Substances u

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