I was going through a difficult personal time (death in family) and found myself drinking more than I wanted to for awhile. This was not a chronic problem and I'm successfully dealing with the issue through regular counseling. I talked to a physician about the situation and he recommended I try Antabuse and stop drinking for a month - this would definitely discourage me from drinking. I took 250 mg a day for 11 days and stopped taking it eight days ago (192 hours). I don't have a real urge to drink, but I am going to a wedding tomorrow, which will be nine days (216 hours) since I stopped the Antabuse, and was wondering if it would be okay to have a cocktail or two if I felt like it. I've read a lot of different information on this site - some people say it's okay if you wait for 84-120 hours - some say you have to wait 14 days - and everything in between. Thank you.