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Can I use Amoxicillin for a Sore Throat?


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Most sore throats are caused by viruses and amoxicillin will be ineffective as it an antibiotic which only treats bacterial throat infections.

A sore throat is more likely to be caused by a virus if it is a minor part of a typical cold (with runny nose, stuffy ears, cough, and similar symptoms).

If you were to have a bacterial throat infection, like Strep throat, you would have other symptoms including a fever (greater than 101°F), white, draining patches on the throat, and swollen or tender lymph glands in the neck. You will need a lab test to diagnose strep throat. You should see your doctor if you have the symptoms of a bacterial throat infection.

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Brieanna456 1 Oct 2017

Actually I feel like this answer is false. Every time I have had a sore throat its always strep. Also it never comes with a fever for me. So if I ever have amoxicillin on hand and I have a sore throat I'm taking it asap.

autospecialist02 29 Aug 2016


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