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Can amitriptyline pill be cut in half?

5 Answers

kaismama 14 Jul 2013

No, it is coated with a film that causes it to be absorbed a little later on in digestion. If you cut it, that is taken away. It isn't scored because its not supposed to be cut.

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lady2882 15 Jul 2013

They are not scored for cutting but I have done it. They don't cut easily though and it is hard to get them to cut in half. You usually end up with pieces unless you have a actual pill cutter which still does not cut then in half.
With all the difference sizes available why would you want to cut it in half?
Make sure you take it with some food if you do try it.

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Delila 15 Jul 2013

Hi, i just wanted to add this in case you didn't know... Amitriptyline are available in the following strengths: 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 & 150mg. So if you need to take a lower strength tablet, you can ask your doctor to change your prescription

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cenzo5739 6 Feb 2019

The reason I wanted to cut 25 mg , is 25 mg is too much , however 10 mg to little
I needed an in between guess I’ll stick with 25 mg or does anyone have any other idea
Imipramine does not work well for me
Not doxepin , for chronic pain,insomnia

lovett2105 10 Sep 2019

I do cut mine in quarters I asked my pharmacist because I need like you in-between 25mg. Good luck

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Prowler6B 8 Mar 2021

Why not take two 10mg tablets that will equal 20mg. Although not 12 1/2 mg or half a 25 mg tablet, at least it is closer than 25mg and these tablets are very inexpensive.

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