I am a menieres disease patient. The doctor has had me at maximum dosage of Valium at 10 mgs. 4 times per day. He has begun a reduction in the Valium which I started today, reducing to 5mgs 4 times per day for 1 week then 5mgs 3 times per day for 1 week then 5mgs 2 times per day. I do not disagree with the need to reduce the Valium. The problem is he also wants me to ask my primary care doctor to find an alternative to the Buspar he currently has me on for stress/anxiety. The reason for this is the number 1 side effect of Buspar is dizziness which I do not need. He stated that he does want my primary to keep my life as stress free as possible. Do any of my friends on here have any suggestions as to an alternative to Buspar? I am seeing the primary this afternoon so I need some help quick. Thanks