I have been on the fence about getting tested for ADHD and finally i did, and my doctor said i showed all of the signs of ADHD all that i needed to do was do a blood sample to check on basic body levels and then he would give me a script for Adderal XR 10mg to start out. 3days/72 hours ish before i got my blood drawn i took one of my sisters(also adhd positive) 30mg m amphet salts, i think its generic to Adderal,to see how it actually helped.

And the effect did wonders for me; i was able to focus in school, i wasn't fidgety, school wasn't a challenge and i got all my assignments done (for that day)

my test results for my blood come in tomorrow and I'm worried that he will see that i tested positive for amphetamines and think that i am faking my symptoms just to play with Adderal

What does the blood test, test for?
Will the Adderal show up even if it was 72hrs later?
What should i tell him if it does?
How can i increase the meds without seeming like a druggie?
How can i get instant and/or XR form?
What are your experiences with Adderal(if any)?

Please help and thank you!