Okay so I’m prescribed 2 Adderall XR’s in the morning and then 1 20mg adderall tab for the afternoon. Iv been taking and prescribed adderall since the 7th grade. I was diagnosed with add in the 6th and after trying everything (Ritalin, concerta) I was out of Adderall. At one point in high school I did try Vyvanse but that didn’t last long so I went back to adderall. I’m now 26 and for the last couple of years iv taken my adderall the wrong way. So I usually take 3 XRs in the morning. But lately iv been doing three in the morning and then another 30 in the after noon. I know it’s too much and it sucks. But today I was contemplating on taking a 20mg tab later tonight (which I usually save my tabs for when I run out of my XRS) But im afraid. I know I have a probably and i need help but i have too much stuff going on in life right now (wedding, moving etc) to withdrawal and go through that just to be off of it. Any advice on the dosage is much appreciated! Thank you!