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Do any Adderall XR capsules have powder inside them instead of beads?


Stephen Treloar 13 Oct 2018

No, they do not. The beads are comprised, in part, of wax and polymers that prevent instant uptake of the drug as well as making them less susceptible to misuse or abuse.

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marzboy777 13 Oct 2018

Hi Stephen!
Thanx for your input. I take Adderall (20 mg in the morning and 20 mg in the evening). Interestingly, beside helping me with a lifelong condition of ADHD, Adderall greatly relieves my Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy pain in partnership so-to-speak with Neurontin (800 mg). I'd often wondered about Adderall XR and have considered switching to it.

Stephen Treloar 13 Oct 2018

You are welcome. Personally I like extended release medications as they provide more stability in terms of peaks and troughs in their action. Some people don't like them as they believe them not to work as well as immediate release medications as they provide little or no perceptible immediate action. For things like ADD/ADHD, slow release is ideal in my opinion. free discount card

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