First Prescription for Adderall, first few days it kicked in in a hour and lasted an hour after it kicked it in. Now, it usually kicks in 10- 45 minutes, but still usually lasts an hour( Trust me I know exactly when it works and when it wears off). When I go to my doctor he will most likely increase the dose, but would 20 mg make a difference in lasting 6 hours like it should? I'm afraid since I have a high metabolism it would only last like 2 or 3 hours. I'm pretty sure my doctor would allow to have 60 tablets instead of 30 so that would help to. Mainly just wondering because some people told me a higher dose wouldn't really make a difference in lasting longer. Also side effect wise it does make me a little calm where I would rather not talk but will if I have to, a bit less creative, very mild nausea for a little bit while I'm on it, but I still think that the good effects are worth those mild side effects.