I got diagnosed with ADHD when i was in 4th grade. I didn't start taking medication for it till now (i'm a freshman in college now). I went to a Psychiatrist for it and he started me off with Vyvanse 20mg. He graduatlly gave me a higher dosage such as 40mg, 60mg, and 70mg within a month. I still didn't feel the 70mg but i did feel common side effects which were okay to live with. He recently switched me to Adderall xr 30mg. He told me to take that for a week but i would most likely not feel that one either. He was right i didn't feel it. He told me after taking 1 pill of the 30mg to start taking 2 pills at once in the morning making it 60mg. I took that today and so far i didn't get much of an effect. Can it take a few days to start feeling an effect? What other medicines should i try if the one I'm taking now (2 pills of Adderall xr 30mg) doesn't work?