I'm a 47 year old woman that has taken adderall and then Vyvanse daily for 7 years. It has ruined my life and I can't manage to even get out of bed unless I take it. I have a few good hours but then the crash comes and I'm become confrontational, extremely depressed, and have isolated myself and don't talk to anybody. I do have depression but I told my doctor I have no energy and tired all the time and couldn't concentrate so all of the sudden she said I have ADHD and prescribed this medication. I'll have to say that Vyvanse is a little smoother than adderall but I can't seem to stop taking it. I have gone a month without it and never got dressed, extremely depressed, and couldn't even watch TV. I just layed their crying so I started it again because when I take it I'm able to get up have a few good hours and feel alive and I would rather have a few good hours than none at all. All my doctor tells me is that it takes about a week to get back to normal but that is not true. I can't live this way anymore. I've lost all my family members due to my insanity on this medication. Please help.