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Is adderall a temporary or life long drug?

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ars solus 6 Nov 2012

From what I've been able to find (the literature on ADHD/ADD being incredibly confusing and constantly changing) it depends on what type of ADHD/ADD you have. Really quickly, those acronyms stand for 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder' and 'Attention Deficit Disorder'.

If you have ADHD (as in, with hyperactivity, known as 'ADHD, primarily hyperactive-impulsive type') then there is a possibility that you will grow out of it.

If you have ADD (standing for 'ADHD, primarily inattentive type') then it's rare that you will grow out of it. Many neurologists will argue that ADD and ADHD are not even the same disorder, meaning that the brain is affected differently in either case, possibly explaining this problem.

However, ALL drugs that treat ADHD/ADD are only effective as long as they are in your system - they treat the symptoms, not the disorder itself.


As someone recently diagnosed with ADD I'm kind of depressed that Adderall is going to be a permanent thing for me. :(

(By the way, if you want more information then a good place to start is to google 'adhd types', which will bring up sites like WebMD explaining the types which are: combined, primarily inattentive, and primarily hyperactive-impulsive. Don't look at sites talking about six types or whatever, those are trying to sell you things. Good luck!)

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decaying 31 Oct 2012

the question should be is adderall a lifetime drug it really should be is a.d.d a lifetime condition. So taking Adderal the rest of your life is not a must. there are plenty of solutions to you manage your and dishes of having a ADD OR ADHD. For example I am on 70 milligram the day off adderall in it I am in my thirties. Currently I am not doing anything to stop taking it.
so the answer your question here it is.
no you do not have to take adderall for the rest your life. there are many great ways to overcome the inflections that we have having this condition. right organization time management ect. I feel in my life that the risks do not outweigh the rewards of being able to concentrate and carry on is a normal functioning human being as part of this society.
I hope that was helpful. if you need elaboration on anything feel free to let me know

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Danni926 22 Oct 2012

Man what a great question! I am curious to see what type of answers your excelllent question brings about. Agraves101, are you currently prescribed and taking adderall? I am, it's been a little over a year. I've had both positive and negative results.

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