I have a 20 year old son who took Adderall from 1st grade until some time in high school when he started not liking the way it made him feel. Since graduating, he's been on Wellbutrin once but he says it didn't do anything. Being 20, he says he wants to be able to control his own mind. But I think he needs a little help. He's got anxiety but he says he thinks Adderall helps him more than an anti anxiety or anti depressant. I just don't really understand the difference. He says he's got too many things going on in his head. Well I'm on several anxiety meds and have been for 13 years. My mother has anxiety, my sister has depression. Let's just say it runs in our family. We aren't a dramatic family, we're very calm so that's not the problem.

Anyway, I know he needs to go to a Dr. but I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between needing ADHD meds and needing anti anxiety meds.